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Heritage Committee

Former Bury FC player and Bury AFC Heritage committee member Derek Spence told us about the loneliness and depression one of his old teammates suffered many years after he’d retired.

In a desperate state and cut off from society, Derek and others spent time nursing an old, forgotten friend back into the world and arguably
saved his life.

Football history and heritage is about living people. It’s easy to think of it as old newspapers and bits of memorabilia. Ok, it is a bit about that, but it’s also about the present and the future as well. Memories are for sharing and shared experiences make us happier. So, whether a player we loved and admired is still playing, playing for a different club, or retired years ago, the connection between them, their teammates, the club, and most importantly the supporters, is something that should last forever.

The Heritage Committee is an attempt to ensure that shared experiences live on for future generations as there are many supporters that are 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation and want that connection to continue.

We all understand that Bury AFC is a new and separate club from Bury FC, but at the same time provides some form of continuity of football in the town for those who supported Bury FC and new fans wishing to engage in a more community oriented club. Two clubs with one history.

The Heritage Committee will assist the Shakers Community board to fulfil its responsibilities to help, represent and involve the wider community of Bury wherever possible.

The Committees formal remit is:

  1. To collect, share and preserve any relevant records relating to the history of Bury AFC.
  2. To collect, share and preserve any other relevant records of football in Bury.
  3. To create and support events and activities which help share the history of football in Bury.
  4. To make recommendations to Club board about events, services or items which should be supported or invested in to help the Heritage
    Committee better perform its function.
  5. To develop wider relationships in the community and recommend events or services to support outside the Club which the Committee believes are aligned with the Club’s own objectives.
  6. To make other decisions or recommendations relating to the history of football in Bury as requested by the full Board from time to time.

This work will inevitably cover the history of Bury FC as well as Bury AFC. It is not an attempt to wipe out the history of one or simply annex it to the history of another.

It is the first part of a broader community project which aims to provide something back to the town of Bury which lends both clubs their name.

The Committee has a large number of members, many of whom may be
familiar to you. They are:

John Cranshaw (Chair)
Paul French (Secretary)
Derek Spence
James Bentley
Maurice Dickson
John Wiggans
Peter Cullen
Mark Mason
Zoe Hitchen
Richard Beedie
Mathew Holt
David Cliff
Karen Keighley
Steve Entwistle
Chris Bainbridge
Gordon Sorfleet
Dave Wright

It is the intention of this dedicated and enthusiastic group to carry on working towards documenting the start of what will be an exciting future for Bury AFC and further documentation of Bury FC’s history.

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