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You can donate the price of a ticket using the options from the dropdown above or just type in your own donation in and we will pool all donations to make as much us of the funds as possible.

Donate money to buy a season ticket for someone who deserves it

We started his fundraising campaign when we received £500 in costs from Bury FC owners Steve Dale following our successful legal challenge to him trying to trademark the Bury FC club badge and Bury town crest in his own name. You can read more about it here.

If you would like to purchase a season ticket for someone less fortunate you can do so by donating here. It doesn’t have to be the full £125 for a season ticket, we will add up all the amounts donated and use them to distribute

The organisations we’ve chosen to distribute tickets are Bury Hospice and Bury Community Support Network. Both organisations provide vital assistance and support to the people of Bury and we felt it only right that they have a pair of Season Tickets using the money we’ve recovered. Bury Hospice have informed us they will rotate their tickets amongst their volunteers as a thank you for the vital assistance they provide. Bury Community Support Network have informed us that they will offer the Season Tickets to service users who have fallen on hard times and otherwise would be unable to attend games. We hope all of those who are given the opportunity to attend as a result of this initiative thoroughly enjoy their trip to the Neuven Stadium.