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Our Response to the Fan-Led Review of Football

A few days ago we told you how Bury AFC was feeding into the Government’s fan-led review of football, chaired by Tracey Crouch MP. We also asked for your ideas and feedback.

We put all of this together into the below draft document for you to review and provide any further thoughts before we submit it. Bury AFC have been given a voice as part of the review, not simply because of what happened to Bury FC, but because we are trying to build a club which really has learned lessons from the past.

You can also download it here.


2 thoughts on “Our Response to the Fan-Led Review of Football

  1. John Beer

    An excellent report. I also run a CBS and Is an excellent model for football ownership but the minister needs to review the 30 % SITR (Social Investment Tax Relief) model with the chancellor as the treasury did not listen to CBS’s request channeled through Plunkett Foundation, Power to. Change etc etc. to renew SITR for the next 5 years. The outcome was SITR had only been extended until next year. SITR would encourage investors..
    Increase the cap from £1.5M and include Football Clubs to purchase land/property.

    And also enable access to the latest fund available for Community orgs to buy council assets supported by 50% from central government.


  2. David Hardman

    Again, I would echo what a thorough and excellent response this is. The only thought I had extra to this is
    Has the German Football, “50 + 1” system of fan control been considered?

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