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Your Feedback – Latest Survey Results


The results are encouraging with some clear actions for us to take forward, especially once we are clear of the pandemic.

We have included the data in full above as most of the charts speak for themselves. You can also download the full results here.

The results give us a Net Promoter Score of +61. Net Promoter Score is a measurement used by business and retail businesses in particular, to assess how engaged their customers are. This is based on how likely they are to recommend a company, product or service to friends and family. Whist we aren’t aware of other football clubs using this measurement yet, it was easy to add into the survey to give us our own rating. +61 is a very good score across any industry, although we can always improve.

We also read through every piece of individual feedback. The main negatives were not a great surprise but all things we can consider going forward. Many have been a result of, or exacerbated by, Covid19, and the main issues were:

  • Delivery times on replica kits – we have started holding some stock in the UK and discussing changing the factory used to manufacture the kits with Hope and Glory.
  • Availability of tickets – the process we use was voted in by members but under the current limitations it is inevitable this will continue to cause frustration. We also know it is unlikely to be a problem next season.
  • Extending catering on matchday – we have reduced what we offer on matchday because of Covid and limited crowd sizes but your feedback allows us to add in those services you value.
  • We could also see a small number of people had experienced problems either sending or receiving emails to the club – we have switched our email service which should improve this ongoing but emails should be responded to so please let us know if this continues to be a problem by emailing in the first instance to test if this works.

What was re-assuring to see was that, on the whole, those fans who did raise negatives still showed good results in the engagement and recommendations cores, suggesting that these are very specific problems which are not impacting on the perception of the club overall.

We also found that the results were fairly consistent across all age groups. The only slight differences to note were that older fans tended to feel more valued, possibly because of the contrast between the level of engagement and transparency experienced with Bury AFC versus Bury FC, whilst younger fans tended to know more Bury fans, more of whom are positively disposed towards Bury AFC. That said the numbers in all age groups are very encouraging, as is the fact that there is clearly a sizeable audience out there for Bury AFC. A good level of awareness of the club, with a high Net Promoter Score amongst existing fans is a great start.

This is important to us as a new club. We do not want to be complacent and simply expect that Bury FC fans will simply move across to supporting Bury AFC and we want to acquire new supporters who had no previous connection to the old club at all. We know we need to do things differently from most other football clubs to compete for attention from new fans and earn loyalty from existing ones.

Whilst the sample size is good at just under 500, we do accept that the people who will have completed it will be more engaged with the club, but at the same time they will also have some considerable experience of the questions asked so can provide a full and frank assessment of our performance to date.

Many thanks to Nick, who built and managed the survey and report for us.

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