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A flag from Charlton Athletic

Thanks to our team of creators and displayers, we have amassed an impressive array of flags at all of our games, both home and away. And this Boxing Day is no different.

Gary McMahon has been in touch with a number of clubs up and down the country, wishing to display solidarity as we start out on our journey. At today’s game, we will have the above banner that until recently has been on show in the stands at the Valley. With no fans able to attend (until more recently), the fan’s flags and banners have been draped over the seats normally bristling with supporters.

Clive Harris of the Charlton Athletic Museum, had this to say about the connection struck up between the two teams: “As a club, and fan base, who have a history of ownership issues and internal troubles, Charlton supporters immediately felt a lot of empathy for Bury fans. Like you, we appreciate the importance a football club plays in the local community, it’s a place of gathering, of local pride, and defines who we are and where we are from. 

“No amount of modern football razzmatazz could replace the habitual feeling of following your local team, like the generations that went before us and hopefully, those that come after us.

“We were glad to help in any way we could. The banner is just a physical way of showing our support, but more than this gesture, know that we are out there and happy to assist in for any way we can be of use. We won our battle, you will win yours, ‘Up the Shakers and Addicks'”.

We extend our special thanks to Clive & Ben from the museum (link to their Twitter feed is here) for their time and assistance. We look forward to seeing it displayed at the game today.

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