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Community Events

This image links to a Discord server link. It has on a Discord logo and text.

Since Bury AFC came to be, the most important part of the club has been the fans. We see your feedback every single day across social platforms, and we look to implement them where we can. With lockdown 2.0 happening as we speak, we’re moving as quickly as we can to get things planned and happening virtually.

We’ve planned to use an app called Discord for a while now, we originally weren’t going to use it until much later in the season but we’ve now been given an opportunity to utilise the platform and bring the community together.

Discord is a virtual messaging, voice, and streaming platform that can be used for so many things. Discord makes being able to hang out with people, provide community updates etc. so much easier. We’re going to be using it for game nights, movie nights etc. During lockdown, it’s so important that we stick together, reach out to one another and actively move forward during tough times. It’s a place to reach out and talk to people.

If you have any ideas for any community ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. A schedule will start on the 16th November, and we’ll be sharing the schedule over this week. Come and hang out with us. You never know who will be in the server.

Please note that there is a welcome-and-rules channel to keep people safe, and keep the Discord a positive server for the community.


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