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Let us have your Bury AFC merchandise designs!

There are some amazing and talented people in the Bury AFC community, and we want to know if you can create incredible pieces of merchandise for your football club? We want you “The Fans” to help us design our next batch of merchandise.

The image above, designed by fan Phil Rainey, is already in production

Your designs will be used as inspiration by our designers for our next merch drop, going on to our web store and sold to people across the globe. This literally will be ‘By the Fans, For the Fans”.

We want you to create original designs that are in line with our values as a club. They don’t have to say Bury AFC on them or have our crest, but using one of these would be great. They could promote a message we believe in as a club like ‘For the Fans’ and “On Our Way”.

If you want to get involved, you can submit your designs to and who knows you could be the inspiration for the next range of merch seen on the terraces at our games!

Disclaimer: Please note all artwork submitted is giving permission to Bury AFC to use within their merchandise range. All designers will receive credit for their artwork.

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