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Ennte AS – 2020/21 Bury AFC Goal Sponsor

We are delighted to announce that Bury AFC has gone international with our latest addition to our sponsor’s list. 

Norwegian company, Ennte AS, has become the official Goal Sponsor of Bury AFC for the 2020/21 season. 

As the Official Goal Sponsor, Ennte AS will be displayed on all our social media graphics when AFC hit the back of the net. 

Nils Tveter, owner of Ennte AS caught up with us to give us his thoughts.  “To Bury AFC and their supporters. Every town and community needs to have a football club! It has been so for 135 years in Bury, now we need to stick together to continue all the traditions this means for the town.

“From our location in Norway, we at Ennte AS have been following your great efforts and energy to get football back to Bury, through your new club, Bury AFC. It’s just fantastic to see how you build up the enthusiasm around the project and piece by piece, build back a grounded platform from where to take your new steps.

“As a Norwegian, we started following British football on television in 1969. We’ve seen a lot of games since then and from time to time, also traveling to England. Going to England is a huge experience for us all, unfortunately for this period it is not possible, but we follow as well as we can through all available channels.

“Your journey is something we want to be a part of.  It will be a lot of hurdles to climb, but with strong motivation, passion, and hard work, you will get there! We always cheer on those dedicated to projects like this, Bury AFC is certainly one that matters for British football right now! I hope you appreciate the support Ennte AS provides as your first international sponsor. We are proud to be a part of your Bury AFC family, and wish you all the best for the campaign.”

We thank Ennte AS for their support and we look forward to the lads scoring this season. 

You can view the Ennte AS website below by clicking on the image.