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Neuven Stadium Bury AFC’s temporary home

After a busy week with announcements last week here’s another one that everyone has been waiting for.

We are pleased to announce (in arguably the world’s worst kept secret) that our home fixtures for the 2020/21 season will be played at the Neuven Stadium, the home of Northern Premier League Radcliffe F.C.

We thoroughly understand that everyone would like us to play our home fixtures at Gigg Lane, currently that will not be possible, it is however something we are actively working on being able to achieve over time.  

We are working on ways to make Radcliffe ‘home’ to Bury fans during this time, including transport to and from the Neuven Stadium from Bury to allow pre and post match drinks at the pubs familiar to Bury fans. Clearly Covid-19 is a major issue for us to contend with so we ask for your patience whilst we work on some of the details.

We are grateful to Radcliffe FC, the Northern Premier League, and the North West Counties Football League for approving the temporary agreement whilst we continue to work on our Gigg Lane strategy.

Bury AFC chair Chris Murray said: “

“It’s the world’s worst kept secret but I’d like to extend my thanks to Paul Hilton for his support on helping us have a home to begin the Bury AFC journey from the 20/21 season. Radcliffe FC have plans to grow the club off the pitch and we are happy that we can be part of that, whilst we grow our own club and community at the same time. I know that everyone would have been hoping that we would begin at Gigg Lane but at the moment this is not possible, it is however something that we are working on, we want to make the Neuven Stadium a ground where our fans can feel at home as we embark on the next chapter of football in Bury.”

Radcliffe FC chairman Paul Hilton added:

“We are delighted to work with Bury AFC to bring football back to the Shakers fans.  I have always believed that ‘The Football Family’ is more than just a phrase and I felt from the outset that we as a Club had an obligation to step in and assist our nearest neighbours’ fans wherever possible, just like they have done for us over the years.  I believe that Bury AFC represent the most realistic and stable solution to revive the once great Club and pave the way for an eventual return to Gigg Lane.  This new partnership also underpins the significant ambitions of Radcliffe FC and will help us to continue grow and shape our own future.  We look forward to welcoming our friends and neighbours to the Neuven Stadium.”

We look forward to building a partnership with a great local non-league club in Radcliffe FC during the coming season and we hope we can fill the Neuven Stadium with many Bury AFC supporters, as and when the guidelines allow us to do so.

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