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Shakers Community – Board Elections

As per our correspondence a couple of weeks ago, elections for board positions of Shakers Community will begin from tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd June.

For those familiar with the voting in the latter stages of ‘Away Kit World Cup’, the board election process will follow the same process. For those not familiar, each member will receive an email to place their vote(s) via ‘Election Buddy’.

The voting system will verify access to place your vote(s) and ensure that the same member cannot vote multiple times. As outlined in our earlier correspondence (click here), each member can vote for up to nine of the 12 board applicants. To review the board applicant statements, please click below:

Voting will take place from 9am tomorrow (2nd June), closing at 5pm, Monday 8th June. Votes are restricted to Shakers Community members only, and give you the opportunity to influence the direction of the club.

As per our Board Election Policy we are grateful for the assistance of our independent chair, Neil Le Milliere. Neil is a founding and current Board Member of the Exeter City’s Supporters Trust and has a wealth of experience in this area. Neil will oversee the results as they come in. Should you experience any issues in receiving, placing or submitting your vote or have any queries surrounding the election, contact details for Neil can be found below:

Tel: 0208 802 0644
Mob: 07946 615889

We can’t stress enough how important it is for everyone to vote on board membership as with every board position available (the only time this will happen) it’s vital we get as many votes in as possible to ensure a positive result.

We again thank those who have put themselves up for election and good luck to all!