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Results: Away Kit WC – Semi-Finals

The results are in for the semi-final and some would say that we’ve had a bit of a shock!

After receiving good support throughout, neither of our past ‘Green & Purple’ away kits have made it to the final showdown!

And so there we have it, your final will take place over this coming weekend from 3PM on Saturday 30th May and will close at 3PM on Sunday 31st May.

As before voting will be conducted electronically. If you are a member of ‘Shakers Community’, you will receive an email with a link to the voting platform on Saturday 30th May.

There is still time for you to join in time for the final, please sign up before Friday at 10pm at the below link:

If you have any queries on the vote or believe you have not received the link to voting, please contact


Below we have the details of the final two kits:

2010-11 Maroon & Gold kit

A move away from more traditional colours, this kit is synonymous with that famous 87th minute winner on a baking hot Easter Monday in Chesterfield as Ryan Lowe finds the opposite corner of the net – in front of 2,000 Shakers fans to send us to League One.


2009-10 Chocolate & Blue halves kit

The black sheep of the family as it wasn’t ever an away kit, but a suitable enough alternative to the more traditional ‘White & Blue’, which has seen it make its way into the semi-final. The first kit a Bury team ever had back in 1885 was reproduced to celebrate 125 years of existence.

Happy voting & may the best kit win!