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The ‘Final’ Vote & FAQs

Well, what a turn up for the books.

All the talk was which one of our previous ‘Green & Purple’ strips would be voted the favourite in the end. For both to be knocked out in yesterday’s membership vote, came as bit of a shock!

Crunching the numbers behind the scenes, the average votes each commanded across the earlier rounds (vpg – votes per game) gave us little indication of which way it would swing:

  • SF1 – Maroon (247vpg) v (247vpg) Green/Purple Zig-Zag
  • SF2 – Green/Purple Stripes (246vpg) v (238vpg) Choc/Blue

All very tight. Perhaps a surprise that the Chocolate & Blue overcame the Green & Purple Stripes on the basis of stats, but maybe more so that the Maroon kit from 2010-11 so emphatically defeated the ‘Zig-Zag’.

But all in the name of fun, we have our final lineup and two worthy contenders no doubt.

As advertised above, the vote is to be run over the 24 hour period between 3pm tomorrow, to 3pm Sunday 31st.

As before, votes are set up for members of our ‘Shakers Community’ membership scheme and signed up members will receive an email to cast their vote on Saturday!

As well as voting for your preferred ‘Away Kit’, we’ll be asking your preference on an age old question:

Royal Blue


Navy Blue

Yes, we are dealing with the ‘Home Kit’ too. We’ve said for some time that we will be ‘White & Blue’ – but which ‘Blue’, is it for you?

To be included in this weekend’s kit votes, you need to be signed up before 10pm this evening (29th May). Get involved, have your say – the link is below:

Updated FAQs

With our first Shakers Community board election looming from the 2nd June, we have put together some notes which answers a few questions we’ve been asked over the past week. The information has been communicated in various ways previously but it’s useful to bring it together in one place.

The key question was around the number of board members that any one member could vote for. Having checked this with the impartial members setting up and running the board election, we are pleased to announce that members can vote for up to nine (9) of the proposed 12 applicants who have put themselves forward for election. You don’t have to vote for nine, that’s just the maximum.

The full comments on the above, and others, are now available in our updated FAQ section as below:

As ever, any queries on the above directed to Stay safe, happy voting (& reading) this weekend!

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