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Access for people who aren’t online

A few people have asked us what we can do to provide access to football information and membership information to those people without easy online access to email or social media.

We’re always hungry for more Shakers Community members but clearly we have limited options during lockdown. Once that’s over, we plan to distribute more information through letterboxes and hold more physical meetings. In addition, we hope to have at least one office available where people can ask questions and complete paper forms. We have a commitment to inclusivity as a community club, and that means helping those who need a little more assistance than others to find out who and where we are. We will be working with local services and businesses who can help us with that in due course.

In the meantime we have to work with what we have. Whilst we’re regularly in the local and national press, on radio and constantly posting on twitter and Instagram, our most powerful method of communication remains word of mouth. That comes from Bury fans spreading our message to anyone and everyone who might want to hear it.

Most Bury fans have friends, family and neighbours who also support the club. Let them know what we’re doing and where to find out more. Send them to this website and this page in particular to join.

For those who can’t join until lockdown finishes or those who aren’t sure about joining just yet, that’s not a problem. We understand that not everyone is ready, but rest assured we already have more than enough supporters to launch the club when the season starts and we are guaranteed to be the biggest club in whichever division we start in. With so many other clubs going to the wall or asking for voluntary relegation during this difficult time, our own planning is relatively straightforward.

At a time when we’ve never been so aware of the the way in which something can spread rapidly through human contact, we want you to spread news about Bury AFC as fast and as far as possible. We already have members in Canada, Australia, Norway, Ireland, and the US so we know anything is possible.

PS The quarter finals of the World Cup of Away Kits begin towards the end of the week, so watch keep an eye out on the website and social media to vote.